The new website is live…

After too many changes to mention, the new website is live.

We hope you like it as much as we do… Brian and Lisa

3 Responses to The new website is live…

  • May Mayberry says:

    Joined the 21st century then, good site!

    May xxx

  • Tommy says:

    Happy to see new site but disappointed I’m not on it. See you in July.

  • Zachary says:

    Hello there. I absolutely doubt you remember me but in 2007 or so I was a happy guest at your great hostel. I was alone and unafraid traveling all over Scotland taking in the beautiful sites Scotland has to offer and your family there welcomed me with open arms and loving smiles. I remember Brian treating me to some free whiskey samples and you all even made sure to invite to for dinner with friends so I wasn’t eating alone. Some of my fondest memories of my Europe trip come from my stay with you all. You really made me feel like family.
    Anyways this is just me finally reaching out to you and saying thank you for your generosity. And also to say that I am throwing around the idea surprising my wife with a very late honeymoon trip around Scotland. Won’t be a while if it happens but I will absolutely make sure that we visit you all again. And I’ll bring pictures so you remember me from the last trip haha. Hope all of you are well. I hope to stay with you all again some day.
    Sincerely, Zachary Neuharth

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