The Wildlife

Here are just a few examples of the wildlife you might be lucky enough to encounter if you’re in the right place at the right time!

Marine Life

The waters around Skye teem with marine life. Seals are commonly seen as are dolphins and porpoises. Minke whales are also a regular sight between May and October. Rarer visitors to the Island’s waters include Humpback, Killer (Orca), Sei, Sperm and Fin whales. The huge (even bigger than a great white!) but, fortunately harmless basking shark can be seen cruising the inshore waters with their enormous mouths gaping wide open, catching plankton in the rich waters.


Otters can be seen all round the Island, either on the coast or in rivers and lochs. Skye even has it’s own otter sanctuary where injured or orphaned otters are nursed and reared to full health before being released back into the wild. Have patience, sit quietly and you might be lucky enough to see one of these shy creatures!

Red Deer

Red deer are the largest land mammal in the UK. Skye’s population spend the summer months grazing on high ground. the stags grow their magnificent antlers in readiness for battle with the other males during the “rut” or breeding season in late Autumn.

Sea Eagles

Famous for it’s wildlife as well as for it’s scenic splendours, Skye’s towering, costal cliffs are an ideal habitat for the white-tailed eagle. More commonly known as the “sea eagle”, it’s the largest bird of prey in Britain with an impressive wingspan of over 8 feet (2.4 metres.)