Terms and Conditions

Hostel Conduct.

Over 18’s only. Sorry no children allowed.

Hostel is open to residents only.

At Skyewalker hostel we try and keep things fun and friendly however, we are not a “party shack” and we ask all guests to be quiet in the bedroom and hall areas after 23:00hrs and in all areas after 00:00hrs. We also expect all guests to be considerate and respectful to one another and to hostel staff and to comply with the hostel rules. Guests are expected to wash, dry and return any kitchen items they use. Drunken or loutish behaviour, in any form, will not be tolerated. Any guest acting in this manner will have their reservation cancelled and will be asked to leave.

Hostel Check-In Times

Check-in: at Skyewalker Hostel is strictly between 15:00 and 21:00. Guests failing to check in by this time will automatically have their booking cancelled and will not be allowed access to the Hostel. Please remember that we are a family run business and do not have a 24 hour reception (although staff are available 24 hrs. for any emergency). In the event of a reservation being cancelled due to a guest’s failure to check-in by 21:00, the fee for the first night’s accommodation will be charged.

Check-out: at 11:00. The hostel is closed to all guests between 11:00 and 15:00 for cleaning. Please help us to maintain our high standard of cleanliness by vacating the hostel between these times. Thanks!

Cancellation Policy for Online Bookings

All deposits paid to secure a reservation, whether they are made through our website booking page or through a third party booking engine, are non returnable. Skyewalker hostel has a 1 day cancellation policy. Cancellations or changes to your reservation must be made by 11am the day before the scheduled arrival date. Late cancellations and no-shows shall be charged. Sorry, no exceptions.

Group Booking Info

We do not accept group bookings of over 8 persons under the age of 35 without the prior agreement of the hostel owners. A ‘group’ booking is, by our definition, any party of more than 8 persons who have made either a single reservation with us or who have booked as individuals with the intention of meeting up as a ‘group’ at the hostel.

If you wish to make a group reservation with us, please contact the hostel directly and a member of staff will assist you.

Group Booking (over 8 people) Cancellation Charges

Skyewalker Hostel operates a sliding scale of charges for group booking cancellations. The amount charged depends on the amount of notice given (see below).

Period before cancellation

Amounts charged

More than 28 days


15 to 27 days

25% of total booking costs

4 to 14 days

50% of total booking costs

less than 4 days

100% of total booking costs

CAR Park

Guests are welcome to park at the hostel free of charge. All guests park their vehicle at their own risk.



The hostel reserves the right to charge the lead guest for any wilful damage or damage caused by misuse to hostel property.
This charge will not exceed the cost of repairs.


An additional clean up fee for any extra labour incurred as a result of unreasonable mess left by a guest will be assessed and charged accordingly.


Due to the communal nature of hostel living, we are unable to accept families or groups with children under 18 years of age. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Sorry! Skyewalker Hostel does not accept pets.